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In at the deep end…

I set up my blog page 18 months ago and had all good intentions of writing it straight away. It didn’t take long to start planning content, I wanted to feature tutorials, pattern reviews, vintage fashion and beauty, my dressmaking makes and general musings. But then it came to planning my first post, my introduction to the world of blogging, my “I’ve arrived” post if you will, and I hit a brick wall. Fast.

So now, 18 months later I’ve dusted off the ipad and I’m throwing myself in at the deep end with my first post.

Vintage dressmaker

I’m Deli, a thirty something Londoner by way of Nottingham, Surrey, Bournemouth, New York and Texas. I live in a fantastic area of South East London with my husband and kids. I’m an accountant by trade but have ticked the ‘housewife’ box for the last six years. In that time I’ve had two boys, lost a lot of intelligent brain cells – I like to think I’ve passed them onto the kids – developed some creative ones and have turned from accountancy to dressmaking.

I have a passion for bygone eras especially the 1940’s and 1950’s, this is reflected in my style and tastes. However my love of cheese, gin and Chablis means I’m slightly curvier than the average dress size 70 years ago, so I started collecting vintage patterns and used my dressmaking skills to make my own period dresses and outfits that fit perfectly. Modern reproductions are much more suited to me than true vintage on a day to day basis as they can be chucked in the wash if they get pawed by grubby child hands, or I if spill my Chablis!

I’ve turned my passion into a dressmaking business and over the last couple of years I’ve developed a great customer base, I love bringing the past back to life with gorgeous one of a kind outfits for them. Up until now I’ve shared all I’ve done via my Delphine Delovely Facebook page┬ábut it’s time to expand and enter the blogging world. So here I am, and I hope you enjoy sharing my makes and musings, tips and tricks and my highs and lows…

I’ve finally made it through my first post, so here’s to many more! DD x